A dog’s life

The sun feels different to him.

He can sense the salt and the other stuff the sea is and may be composed of. He lifts his  head into the breeze, nostrils quivering as he senses rather than sees what is going on around him.

Sunset,  kids playing, a flag flapping in the wind, people calling out to each other from a distance,  the sound of smooching and heavy petting from way off, the waves and undercurrents creating a soothing whoosh.
His paws settle into the soft sand.
Today, it’s different and bears his heft with ease.
His footpads don’t sink in as they normally do.
Barely making an impression, he trots towards the water where he can see the
sunrays shimmering.
His breath is effortless, his step is light and jaunty.
A 1 year old Labrador gallops in the distance,
and chases a frisbee into the water. Leo wonders, why?
A crowd of dating couples comes up, making cooing sounds.
Leo receives them graciously. He knows his looks and temperment will gather admirers. He is gentle with the girls, specially attentive to those who seem scared of
dogs and yet does not linger. They are not the main attraction.
Moving on beyond the crowd, he sniffs at a Durga bust, which has been swept back by the sea. He is about to make his mark, when he hears a whistle. He turns back to see a crowd of beach dwelling dogs.
That’s another range of smells and sounds, which he thoroughly explores.
The sun goes down, he knows it before anyone else and heads back to the road.